Trade Guilds

Sarthel has many trade guilds that manage all mercantile effort of the city. While guilds exist for nearly every conceivable craft, only the following guilds are described in more detail here:

Silversmiths Guild: The most powerful guild in Sarthel, the Silversmiths Guild dates back to the founding of the city. The rich veins of silver ore in the surrounding foothills and mountains provide ample supply for the artisans of the city, and the competition and trade knowledge of the city mean that incredible works of art are created. The Guild influences everything in Sarthel, and many noble houses are deferential to their power.

Masons Guild: The stone masons construct and maintain all of the stone buildings of the city, and the quality of the nearby quarries provide excellent stone for them to work with. They also have kept detailed records of all of the buildings built within the city, giving them sought after knowledge of rivals and enemies buildings.

Weavers Guild: Sarthel produces fine linen and wool, and the clothing manufacturers create abundant clothing items for export and trade.

Jewelers Guild: While not an excellent source of gemstones, the abundance of silver has created a thriving import market for gems to be set in silver jewelry. The Jewelers Guild controls this market with an iron fist, leading to intense rivalry with the Silversmiths Guild.

Thieves Guild (The Redboots): Not an official guild, the Redboots are nonetheless a source of power in the city. Headed by a mysterious Master Thief, the Redboots choose their targets carefully and creatively. Their preferences lean towards cat-burglary and theft rather than muggings and extortion. Their members often wear their iconic red boots while strolling about town, seemingly untouchable by the City Watch.

Trade Guilds

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