Noble Families

House Avrul: A powerful human noble house, with many notable family members in positions of power throughout the city. The current self-styled Duke Aron Avrul holds the position of Marshal of Sarthel and his family controls the routes to the rich lands of Nath Mornal to the south.

House Padumor: House Padumor is an old foe of the Avruls. Its commercial interests are strongly allied with the city’s silversmith guild and jewelers guild. In a city where nobles are noted for their prickliness, the Padumors are the worst of the lot; just about every Padumor is an expert duelist looking for a reason to take offense. Their ancient matriarch, the Comtessa Verna Padumor, nominally rules the Padumors. However, practical leadership of the house now rests with Verna’s son Hordan, soon to be the Comte Padumor.

House Imbran: House Imbran is noted for its half-elf heritage. The Imbrans are in the olive and olive oil trade, and they also deal in fine leather from the outlying ranches.

House Adarbrent: A wealthy human noble house, House Adarbrent is allied with the silversmith guild and owns many of the trading vessels that operate out of Pelarbin.

House Cassalanter: House Cassalanter is the wealthiest house in Sarthel, but has been on the decline for the past generation. It has many strong trade ties to the lands of the Iron Circle to the south and controls the most profitable mines in the Draco Serrata.

House Jalbuck: The only halfing noble house in Sarthel, House Jalbuck was recently established. The head of the house is Comte Nindal Jalbuck, who is looking to establish a safe trading outpost in the lands to the west of Sarthel, in an effort to bolster trade with the Barony of Therund.

House Ardent: House Ardent is an ancient house that has long controlled the largest banks and counting houses in the city. It has a reputation for shrewdness in all of its dealings, and employs the largest numbers of information gatherers and spies in Sarthel.

House Eranna: A relatively young house, House Eranna has made its fortune in trading, bringing in exotic wares from the lands across the Midnight Sea, especially with the Emerald Blade Barony and the Satrap of Numoth. Captained by a dashing young lord and lady, this House already has gained a reputation for recklessness and risk-taking.

House Serrata: House Serrata has always taken a keen interest in the defense of the city, ensuring that its armies are strong enough to thwart the ambitions of rival city-states. Lately, it has been taken by the idea of expanding the control of the city to the surrounding area, perhaps making Sarthel into a kingdom once again.

House Glimmerdeep: This dwarven noble family has been on the list of noble houses for centuries, yet they make few public appearances. The greatest silversmiths and artists of the city belong to the clan, and the dwarves work tirelessly in the forges of their fortress-like home.

House Racksure: Another dwarven noble family, they concern themselves with smithing, keeping the armies and mercenaries of the area armed and armored. A young mastersmith by the name of Corridan Racksure was been creating elegant magical weapons and armors for nobles and adventurers alike.

Noble Families

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