Sarthel Campaign

The Bargain

The characters met with Ferun LaVaste to discuss why the wizard shouldn’t turn them over to House Adarbrent. The wizard was persuaded by Mirt the Moneylender to take advantage of Jacob and Thom’s skills and have them break into the tower of one of his rivals and steal a prized spellbook.

LaVaste told the characters that they have 10 days to obtain the spellbook, a treatise on transformation by Otiluke, from Laeral Silverhand’s tower. His tower is located on the west side of town, and after a little searching, the characters discovered an entrance into the basement of the tower from the sewers, but it was magically locked. Ferun LaVaste met with the characters again and gave them two stones of disenchanting to use on the magical locks and traps that surely guard the treatise. He also volunteered to host an event four nights later, in order to draw Laeral from his tower.

On the Run

On the run from the investigation by House Adarbrent, Thom and Jacob met with Mirt the Moneylender, who said that they could arrange a meeting with wizard that is tracking them. Mirt said that he knew the wizard, Ferun LaVaste, and that he had worked with him in the past. Perhaps Thom and Jacob would be able to persuade Ferun to give up the investigation or lead the Adarbrents astray…

In Hiding

Jacob and Thom learned that people were looking for them, possibly in connection to their theft of House Adabrent’s house sigil. They learned that the Cat’s Rest was being watched, and Aunt ChaneĆ© urged them to go into hiding, as a wizard of some sort had come to the inn and inquired about them.

Jacob and Thom wound up hiding at the Moonlight Temple. They were taken in by a onetime friend of Jacob’s, Kyriani Agrivar, a drow elf and the High Priestess of Selune. She taught them several aspects of the worship of Selune and allowed them in as acolytes, hiding them and keeping them safe until the search for them slowed.


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