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  • Janella

    A pretty maid for the powerful Adarbrent family, Janella is a doe-eyed teenager still learning her duties. Fiery red hair and blue eyes make her stand out from most girls her age, but she only has eyes for Jacob, who charmed her while using her to gain …

  • Janus Adarbrent

    Comte Janus of House Adarbrent is a brooding, dark-haired man with thick eyebrows and a close-cropped beard. A member of one of the wealthier houses, he flaunts his wealth at every opportunity. He commonly wears rings, necklaces, and earrings and …

  • Aron Avrul

    A distinguished gentleman, the self-styled Duke Avrul commands the most powerful noble house in Sarthel. In addition to possessing massive wealth and commanding many soldiers, Duke Avrul also has an enormous family, with seventeen sons and daughters and …

  • Klaran Meitor

    Klaran Meitor is an intimidating figure: a scowling lean, bald man with a stiff black beard and two strange red dots on his forehead. Klaran was appointed to his position ten years ago, and to date he has successfully ignored all but direct orders from …

  • Hordan Padumor

    A hot-headed firebrand of a man, Hordan is apt to act before thinking. He is anxiously awaiting his mother's death so that he can assume the title of Comte Padumor.

  • Bandor Imbran

    Lord Bandor Imbran is a dashing half-elf, master of the now and blade. A young lord of only thirty, he wields little influence in the Council of Lords.

  • Geras Cassalanter

    A vain and spoiled young lord, Geras is the latest in a series of spendthrift fools that are causing the decline of a once powerful house. His wasteful gambling and spending haven't removed the Cassalanter house from its spot as the wealthiest in the city …

  • Nindal Jalbuck

    A stout halfling, Nindal is an energetic (for his race) and talkative man. Devout and exceedingly pious, he spends much of his time with the priests of Erathos and is a close friend of Vickas.

  • Elidyra Ardent

    A shrewd and wise woman, Lady Elidyra is the Mistress of Coin for Sarthel. She uses this position to maintain her family's prominence in Sarthel's banking industry. She keeps careful tabs on events in the city and elsewhere that impact trade.

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